Mgr. Kateřina Neumannová (*February, the 15th, 1973 in Písek) is a former czech cross-country skier and biker, olympic winner and world champion in cross-county skiing.

Currently, she works in ASC Dukla. In July 2014, she has successfully graduated from  Jan Amos Komensky University in Prague receiving her masters degree.

Athletic career

Kateřina Neumannová firstly draw attention upon herself as a double junior world champion. In 1991, she became a professional athlete. During her long career, she reached many triomphs, medals and awards. She is a world champion and multiple olympic medalist as well. In 1998, she gained a bronze medal in Nagano for 10 km freestyle race and a silver medal for 5 km classical race.
Four years later in Salt Lake City, she won another two silver medals. Shortly after the Olympics, she interrupted her career because of a pregnancy, but her upcoming comeback was admirable. Half-year after the birth, she won her first race. Kateřina Neumannová became an Olympic winner during the Olympic Games in Torino, 2006. She was aged 33 by that time and besides the golden 30 km freestyle race, she added another silver medal to her collection in double pursuit.

In 1996, she attended Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta as a biker. In her race for 31,9 km, she finished 18th.

Thanks to her excellent results, Kateřina Neumannová was consantly placing high in the Sportovec roku award (Czech sportsmen of the year, the final standings is chosen by the sports journalists and by the members of Czech Club of sports journalists). She made it to the top 10 already in 1993, when she was placed 9th. Since then, she was missing in the elite just for 5 times. After the Winter Olympic Games in Nagano in 1998 and after the triomph at World Championship 2005, she reached the 2nd place, the medals from Salt Lake City placed her 3rd. She reached 1st place in this award for year 2006, and accepted the prize in a ceremonial announcement that took a place on 14th of January, 2007. She also won the Král bílé stopy award (for the best Czech cross-country skier) for 7 times during her career.